Badly Need ur Suggestion

hi grandma its smitha from bangalore again

i feel your the only person i have got to share my too depressed nowdays my routine is work and home..i stay away from my house in different place as i have a stepmom who hates me and my brother to the 22 years old now but very bold and strong but sometimes i feel i am all alone on working and i will be in peace of mind at work but once am alone i get tears and feel very is a person who is too busy who hardly visits us in a year...i dont know what to do grandma..i always console myself but feel need somebody especially feel need to be with dad and missing my mother who expired during my childhood very much nowdays....i become depressed to such extent that i start crying where ever i am...i cant control..and also to mention i have tried talking about this to dad but was of no use...he only supports financially but not moral support
please grandma tell me a suggestion to come out from this hell

thanking you

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Jan 13, 2012
Friends & Family
by: Grandma

Hello Smitha,

I'm so sorry you feel so alone in this world. Having a close friend or family is what makes all of us feel that we matter. I can't imagine why your stepmother would hate you or your brother. Maybe she is feeling the loneliness that you are feeling. If your dad isn't very supportive of you and your brother he must be as cold to your stepmother too. Maybe if you try in little ways to reach out to her and let her know that you realize she needs someone too, things may slowly start getting better between you.

You need to find a passion Smitha, something you enjoy doing. Maybe take a dance class or art class, this is where you'll meet people that have the same goals. Take the time everyday to smile at someone and ask about their day. Learn to listen to people, when you start helping other people you start to forget about your problems or realize your problems aren't as bad as you thought. I don't know much about your country but I'm sure there are people that live in your area that would really appreciate a young, strong 22 year old that can help them with little things to get through their day. Learn to reach out Smitha you'll be surprised at how much better you will feel just helping someone.


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