Baby Loose Motion

by Ranjan

I have my 1 year baby girl, since yesterday she is having loose motion which is foamy and today the colour look bit greenish. Pls help me in home remedy for it.

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May 06, 2011
Baby's Immune System
by: Grandma

Hello Ranjan,

I wouldn't be too concerned at this stage. When the diarrhea lasts more than 3 days that's when it's time to look for a good home remedy. From the color and the mucus you're seeing that tells me that your baby's natural immune system is working. You're daughter probably had a low grade infection in her stomach or intestines and her immune system is trying to flush it out.

At this stage I would try to give her as much fluids as she'll take to keep her hydrated. I'd also mix in a quart of water, 1 teaspoon of salt and 8 teaspoons of sugar and give her a small amount throughout the day. This will keep her electrolites up. If she still has diarrhea in a couple of days I'd boil some rice in extra water and strain the water off and give her rice water. This should help with the diarrhea. But don't do this too soon, you want her immune system to naturally get rid of whatever infection she needs to flush out.


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