Apple Cider Vinegar and LPR (Laryngopharyngeal Reflex)

by Wendy
(Helena, AL)

For weeks and weeks I was plagued with a cough that felt more like spasms. The ENT specialist diagnosed it as LPR. He prescribed a Proton Pump Inhibitor (PPI) - Prilosec. I researched the side effects and decided to try a home remedy first. Nearly every recommendation said to try ACV. After the first try (1 TBS. in a cup of water) I experienced a moderate lessening of symptoms. A few hours later, I drank another cup with ACV and experienced marked improvement-enough to get excited and think this might actually work! The next morning I tried it again and my symptoms were almost completely subsided! After one or two more times, my cough COMPLETELY went away!!!! I was so thankful to finally be rid of such a debilitating cough!!!!! (I realize this is my experience, and would not encourage anyone to keep from seeing their physician.) Thank God for apple cider vinegar!!! And, thank you for your helpful forum!!!

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Feb 03, 2015
by: Rake

Recently, I have been reading a lot about apple cider vinegars on so many blogs. And it is quite astonishing to learn the fact that these things really did had some amazing powers that can even cure some serious diseases.

Jan 25, 2013
LPR Remedy
by: Grandma

Hi Wendy,

What a great testimony! I just love reading the many home remedies my visitors share, I'm always learning something new. You're right, those chemicals they want you to spray down your throat and up your nose have so many awful side effects. Why not try something as simple and ACV to relieve the symptoms. It's amazing once we set our minds to it how we can discover our own home remedies.

Thank you so much Wendy for taking the time to share your experience with us, I have no doubt people will read your testimony and give your remedy a try. I was also impressed that you had the insight to remind them to check with their doctor.


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