Any suggestions for Depression ?

by Angie C
(Los Angeles, CA.)

Other than St John's Wort are there any other herbal remedies for depression?

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Oct 01, 2021
Great suggestions. NEW
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your response. I have tried Sam-E before. Maybe I didn't try it long enough. I'll give it another try thank you.

Aug 25, 2011
by: Beccie

Grandma, you are a good soul to share so much information with people.

Your concern for dependency on the medications out there are a reality for many. Some people just give into the fact that they will have to take "drugs" for the rest of their lives.
But if we share the information we know about how to use the natural gifts God gave us, maybe they won't have to take as much.


There are some great Essential Oils for depression or an uplifting sense of well-being. But I will give you one good choice. Any of the citrus oils are good. The *citrus oils are probably the harshest on the skin so you will want to put a drop in some carrier oil to use. The placement for this would be right under the nose, &/or on your wrist for a sniff any time you want.

Remember it is real important that you add just a drop in say the lid of a small plastic water bottle and add your carrier oil. Poor this into the palm of your hands and rug your hands together and place on either the wrists or under your nose area or both.

(A carrier oil is the oil that you will add to the EO's to help spread on the skin. Examples of carrier oils are almond oil, jojoba oil, even olive oil. Again there are several other carrier oils. You may even have a favorite.)

The blessing of the citrus oils is the smell. Pure and simple as can be. Good luck with this. If you have any more Essential Oil questions feel free to write.

Sincerely, Beccie

Aug 24, 2011
Herbal Suppliments for Depression
by: Grandma

Hello Angie,

Yes, there are other excellent herbal supplement formulas for depression, in fact I've takent them myself at times I was feeling a bit stressed and my mood just wasn't up to par.

One is called "Mood Elevator" it's a Chinese formula that has a combination of excellent herbs that regulates and untraps the chi.

Another excellent herbal formula is called "SAM-e", it not only enhances your mood it also helps restore liver health and repairs muscle and nerve harmony.

You can find these herbal formulas on my other website:

Just copy and paste the website into your browser and it will take you directly to my website. Just type the names of the herbal supplements into the search box, or you can just type "depression" and you will find the products I'm writing to you about.

By the way, if your serious about taking herbal supplements for your depression I'd recommend joining as a member, membership is free with a $40 order.

When taking herbal supplements it's important to know that it takes a while to feel the natural effects of herbal care. Even once you start feeling better it's important to stick with the herbs usually around 90 days. Herbs will gradually bring you out of your depression without getting you addicted, you never have to worry about withdraw or side effects. In todays world of drug addiction that's so imporatant to know.


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