by Naveen
(Abu Dhabi, UAE)


My 4 years son has allergic problem. he starts sneezing continuosuly along with irritation in nose very frequently. no medicine is working on him. after 4-5 days again he is back to the same situation.

Request you to please give me some valuable advise.

thank you very much in advance.


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Mar 03, 2010
Allergies in a 4 year old
by: Grandma

Hello Naveen,

It sure sounds like allergies your little 4 year old is dealing with. It could be food allergies or it could be something like a cleaning solution. Whatever it is, it's causing irritation and his body's natural immune system is trying to get rid of it by sneezing.

Since we're dealing with a 4 year old I'd suggest you try giving nose drops made from warm water and sea salt. You'd only need to make an ounce of luke warm water and just a pinch of sea salt. Put a few drops in each nostril a couple of times a day when he's having the sneezing spells. You might want to keep putting a few drops a day at first even when he isn't sneezing. Once you get the drops in his nose try to get him to blow his nose throughout the day.

If he was older I'd suggest a neti-pot but he's much too young to use one of those.

Thank you for trusting in Grandma's Wisdom,


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