Allergy Solution

by Jorge
(Arrowbear Lake CA)

Thanks for the allergy information. I hope it's helpful in the future for me. One day, after getting home from work and having a really bad allergy day. My roommate was smoking in the house. Oh, he made me so mad. I held my T-Shirt over my face to not smell it and BANG it hit me right then and there. My allergies seized. I took the shirt off my face and they came back. The two things I figured out in that moment were that I am allergic to the smell of smoke and that by basically covering my nose; I get rid of my allergies without any over the counter medication. Also, our employer does not allow employees to wear perfume or cologne. Believe me, nobody wants to deal w/ me when I have allergies. Anyway, thanks for the suggestions.

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May 05, 2012
by: Grandma

You're absolutely right Jorge, avoiding what you know you're allergic to is the best solution. For me it's perfume. I can't stand the perfume people are wearing today, it smells like bug spray to me and I get so sick when exposed to it. Our local newspaper have ads once a week that have perfume samples and before I bring the newspaper in the house I always look for the perfume ads and throw them away outside.

I'm so glad you found a totally natural way to handle your allergy problems. Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us.


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