Allergic Cough for 5 yrs kid

by saswati

my baby is 5 years old and she is suffering from allergic cough.every month she is taking antibiotics.she is now 16kg only.dr prescribe singular medicine.please sugest me some remedy.please help me.

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Mar 11, 2012
Allergies & Children
by: Grandma

Hello Saswati,

Goodness, that's a long time for your little girl to deal with allergies and a bad cough. The one thing I can't understand is why her doctor has been giving her antibiotics for allergies.

The most important thing you can do for your daughter is to figure out what she is allergic to. Do you think it may be a food allergy or something in her enviroment? I wrote several pages about allergies and it might help to read through them. Just go to the button on the left column, "Allergy Wisdom" then read through what I wrote about food allergies.

I'd also recommend you try my hot toddy recipe for her cough. There's a button for that too. Just look for the button on the left that reads "Hot Toddy Recipe". This will help soothe her cough without worrying about chemicals that can hurt her immune system.

Again, I can't stress enough how important it is to try to figure out what she is allergic to. Without that knowledge you can't find a way to help her. You may need to keep a journal for awhile as to when she get a bad coughing spell and what she ate or was exposed to. You'll be surprised at what a kept journal can discover.


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