Adult Acne Remedies

by Mandi
(Erie, PA)

Hi Grandma,
I have suffered from Acne since I was 11 and I am now 30 and still having the problems with acne. Do you know of a good cleansing routine or topical/oral remedy that might help in clearing up my acne? Look forward to hearing from you!


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Dec 07, 2009
Natural Skin Remedies
by: Grandma

Hi Mandi,

Good skin actually starts on the inside. Your diet is really important. Try to stay away from fried food and fast foods. Eating an apple every day can do wonders for skin problems. Drinking spring water everyday is probably the most important tip I can recommend.

Of course your soap and anything you put on your skin is also very important. Remember, whatever you put on your skin will absorb into your blood stream. Olive oil and goat milk soap is really the best soap to use but I realize it's hard to find. The next best kind of soap to use is the natural Neutrogena soap. Before going to bed at night cut a piece of a fresh lemon and rub the juice over your face and wash it off in the morning. Stay way from those chemicals that you buy over-the-counter that claims to help acne, it don't. They just make your problems worse. Be really careful what kind of makeup you use. I like using the mineral makeup, it's good for you skin.

If you're dealing with soreness on your face from the acne try putting some honey on the sore area. Honey is really amazing for healing sore skin. Oatmeal and honey is also great for cleaning your face. Just put some oatmeal in a grinder and grind it fine and add some honey to make a thick paste and use it to clean your face everyday. I think you'll notice a difference within a few days.

Thanks for trusting in Grandma's Wisdom Mandi,


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