Acid Reflux

by Deb Garrard
(Macy Indiana)

Hi, Grandma Patty....
Would you please tell me the 2 grocery items to buy for acid reflux....
I went to a site, and they want you to buy a book...
Or even better...tell me your husband is really suffering at times and works midnights....
thankyou so much...
Deb Garrard

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Apr 24, 2010
acid reflux
by: Beccie

Hi Grandma,
I too suffer from what they call acid reflux but it is different then normal. I don't have the burning in the espophagus, I get spasms. they have me take nitroglycerin for that. But I also have everyday little tiny bubbles that come through. Like when your getting ready to sing in the choir you open up your mouth to sing and you get that long bubble, not a burp, that comes through. I've changed from Nexium to Reglan. I don't really think that either of these is what I need, but you know doctors they just don't listen. Is the papya juice and pineapple juice good for this. What's your opinion. Thanks Grandma I know I can count on you for answers. By the way, I need prayer for Elaine. She messed up her knee working in the garden and is now walking with a cane. Short term I hope. She's the strong one. Thanks Grandma, Love Beccie

Dec 29, 2008
Acid Reflux Home Remedies
by: Grandma

Hi Deb,

I'm here to tell you if you're dealing with a husband with acid reflux you're dealing with a bear.:) Men can be so stubborn when it comes to either seeing a Doctor or trying home remedies. I know, my husband drove me up a wall at times with acid reflux.

First of all, I don't know anything about the book you mentioned. I do know there are lots of things you can buy at the grocery store that you can try to relieve acid reflux and indigestion. There first thing that's important to find out is what on earth is causing the reflux. For instance, I discovered my husband can no longer drink coffee before going to bed. (A habit we go into years ago.) Of course stress can bring on a bout also. There are just so many reasons, diet, exercise, work, I'm sure with your husband working third shift contributes to his problems.

He might want to try drinking papaya or pineapple juice before every meal, just to get those needed enzymes. Chamomile tea is also nice to drink in the evening, you might want to try that. One thing I discovered for my husband through trial and error is (I know this is strange) get him to gargle with warm salt water (make sure it's sea salt). That really relieves the buring in the esophagus. Since my husband started gargling with sea salt water before going to bed he hasn't had the problem.

Most important is tell him to stay away from all those over-the-counter acid suppressing drugs. It's the worse thing he can do to himself. And, if he can't get relief get him to a doctor. Acid reflux is nothing to fool around with, it can be dangerous!

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