A Natural Remedy for Skin Rash

by Elsie Juarez
(Brea, Ca. USA)

Hi Grandma Patty!.... I would like to ask you if could you let me know what to do with.... I'm Elsie, I have a 12 years old boy, who is having a horrible rash around his belly...and does'nt look like eczema at all, but is kind of..because he's beeing scraching..I already use ointments from de farmacy (fluocinonide), even aquaphor, to restore the skin...because it's kind a lizard skin....jijiji...I'm sorry!...but it's ugly...and my dear son...is being asking me momi...help me!!!...I don't like to have this...I don't want to have it!!!...what could I do to help him????.... Thanks!!!! listening.....
Elsie Juarez brea, ca. 92821.

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Feb 19, 2012
Skin Rash and Home Remedies
by: Grandma

Hello Elsie,

I actually wrote an entire page about home remedies and skin rash. I also wrote a page about psoriasis and home remedies. I hope you'll take the time to read both. Just look for the buttons on the left "Home Remedies" and "Herbal Remedies". Then scroll down and you'll find both pages.

You could also try using the Original Listerine and Olive Oil on your son's stomach. Just mix equal parts of each and dab it on the infected area several times a day. Make sure you buy the original Listerine, not the minty or colored kind, it should be an amber color.


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