3 month Baby

by shailaja
(atlanata georgia)


My daughter baby is not feeding well as before she used to drink a lot of milk but she is not drinking enough and this causing a lot of worry. Please give me some feedback on this


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Mar 29, 2010
Babies Get Fussy
by: Grandma

Hello Shaila,

As long as your daughter isn't sick, dealing with diarrhea, or dehydration, I wouldn't worry too much. Babies go through stages, just like kids go through times that they just don't want to eat. They go through growing spurts and you'll see all of a sudden she will want to just keep eating.

It's so scarry being a new parent, you want everything to be perfect but the one thing you can count on, nothing will be perfect. Just keep cuddling her and keep loving her and she'll eat when she's hungry. If you get too concerned sometimes it helps to give the Dr. a call to be reasured that you are doing everything right.


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